The old rule of SEO are dead...

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The SEO game has changed

Google has released a number of updates to their ranking algorithm that has decimated the rankings of websites everywhere.

In the past, you could rank a website by building a large number of links (of any quality) with the keyword you wanted to rank for in those links.

Now, having too many links with keywords in them, or too many links from low-quality websites, will actually stop you from ranking. So if you're wondering why you aren't ranking, your backlinks are most likely the cause.

Building a rock-solid SEO strategy from the ground up

At Otaku Interactive, our sole aim is to ensure you outrank your competition. That's why we find out what Google looks at when ranking websites for different keywords, in different markets. And that's why our SEO is based on. At a practical level this normally involves:

Competitor Audit

We conduct a full audit of the backlinks and websites of your top ranked competitors to identify the common SEO tactics used in your market.

Backlink Cleanup

We go through each and every single one of your backlinks and remove the ones that are hurting your SEO rankings

Link Outreach

We use advanced research tactics to identify the highest quality links for your particular website, and then go out and acquire them for you.

Content Marketing

We look for content that is most valued in your market and then work with you to create it. We then leverage that content to build even more links to your website.

Conversion Optimisation

We don't stop with ranking your website at the top of Google and driving quality website visitors. We also work with you to improve the performance of your website so you generate even more revenue from your SEO investment.

Get your free backlink analysis and find out how to outrank your competition on Google.

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