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Our unique Property-Backed Loan Package designed especially for clients affected by TDSR

SMEs who want to get finance using corporate properties

SMEs who want to get financing using personal properties

SMEs who want to get financing using personal properties

Borrowers affected by TDSR restrictions

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Sustain and grow your business with the right financing

One Financials is a trusted business finance consultancy that has crafted a unique Property-Backed Loan package with its lending partners affected by TDSR in Singapore. 

As trusted consultants to hundreds of Singapore SME owners over the past 5 years, we know the problems that block Property-Backed Loan applications to TDSR assessment, age limits, and poor credit score. Great for those who need significant cash flow for urgent needs. No forced bank sales at a low price, and lower installments with a higher loan amount.

No worries about TDSR

No worries on Age Limit

No worries on LTV

No worries on monthly heavy principal repayments

No worries about Poor Credit Score

No worries about TDSR


Financing for SMEs

Our bankers will work with you to understand your financial situation, plans, and aspirations. We will connect you to the right financing that will best support your long-term goals.

Whatever your needs, we offer tailored lending through marketable securities-backed loans, residential mortgage lending, and specialized asset finance.

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