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We pride ourselves on high ethical standards, a great reputation and the value we provide to clients through our expertise. We will explain your rights and obligations and those of the other parties involved. We will walk you through the steps and options that may be taken and explain exactly what the different processes are and what you will need to do. 

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About the Partners

Chung Ting Fai
Certified Advocate and Solicitor

Chung Ting Fai is a certified Advocate and Solicitor in Singapore. He is the founder of Chung Ting Fai & Co Advocates and Solicitors. With over 21 years of experience in the legal arena, Ting Fai’s specialties span many areas of practice, which range from Criminal law to Intellectual Property law. He has represented clients across all jurisdictions and was involved in many high-profile cases which were reported in various media channels.

Apart from his legal work in the firm, Ting Fai pens a column “Legal Affairs” in the leading Chinese daily newspaper, “Lianhe Zao Bao”, where he shares his legal knowledge and anecdotes with the general public. He is also frequently invited to express his legal opinions on various cases and to speak at business forums and international seminars.

Professional Highlights and Appointments
Appointed as Mediator of Shantung Mediation and Arbitration Centre (2000)
Appointed as Arbitrator of Qinzhou Arbitration Centre, Guanxi Autonomous Region (2005)
Appointed as Assistant Registrar of Marriage for Hong Kong and Chinese Immigrants (2006)
Adjunct Lecturer on Intellectual Property and Master of Science Technopreneurship and Innovation at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2006)
Appointed as Honorary President of Tian Fu Association (Association for Sichuanese Immigrants in Singapore) (2006)
Adjunct Professor at the Guangxi University of Nationalities (2008)
Judge for the prestigious China Jessup Cup Moot competition (2011)
Appointed as Adjunct Tutor at the International Legal Professionals Pilot Class of International Law School of Southwest University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL) (2013)

Top 10 Things to know about divorcing in Singapore

Divorces are indeed the crucial breakpoint in an otherwise blissful matrimonial life that puts the future of both the partners in a jeopardy. Here are tips that you may need to know.

Your marriage must last for at least 3 to 4 years before you even think of going through the divorce proceedings and are encouraged not do so if the relationship issues can be easily sorted out.

It is extremely important that you know about the procedures involved in getting a divorce so that you are unlikely tricked into any unnecessary legal mess and gives you a better understanding.

It can take you less than five months to officially end your relationship with your partner. However, please do note that issues like matrimonial assets and children’s custody may drag it on for longer.

Infidelity issues are generally not accepted under the law here, so coming up with such allegations as the primary reason for your divorce unless you have a strong evidence to prove it is an unwise decision.

It is extremely hard on the kids so do counsel with them and assure them that your love for them will not lessen due to this and that they would still be taken care of equally and they may later on decide with whom they would like to live with if they are currently living with one of the parents now.

Assets are being divided accordingly among the couple so no cheap-tricks on trying to get a greater share on it may help you. 

Figure out your living expenses and how you would manage when the separation takes places and consider the legal expenses that may incur during the ordeal on your future expenditures. Plan carefully and consider if you are prepared both financially and mentally for it.

Keep your legal documents confidential from your partner as by not doing so you may call in for a trouble during the court hearings.

Try to negotiate with your partner and then go on to file for lawsuit as this would make the procedures much for simpler. Do not go on with an egoistic attitude where you have to “win” the case in order to defend your honor-this is not a battle. 

Foreigners here abide by a different set of rules pertaining to obtaining a divorce unlike the local residents and they are expected to carry on with the divorce proceedings if they have proven that they have in Singapore for more than three years before the commencement of the same.

FAQs on Divorce

When clients first come to see us, their minds have often been working on overtime for weeks. They have been envisioning outcomes, puzzling through possibilities, and many times imagining the worst. At initial consultations, we do what we can to assuage client fears and let them know that divorce is a survivable process. Here are some of the questions we typically hear when we meet a client or potential client for the first time:

The time required to get through the divorce proceedings do vary significantly from case to case. If both the parties are on good terms and are willing to work together to a conclusive arrangement- this indeed shortens the process and saves a lot of time for everyone involved unlike a divorce which is contentious that will have many matters that would be contested before a final conclusive divorce agreement has been agreed upon that would in turn highly time-consuming. So it is suggested to discuss with the attorney and come to a decision with nonpartisan resolution.
Costs also vary from the length of proceedings involved in getting the process done. The attorneys and the staff here will be going through the money matters with the clients individually and determine the amount to be involved before proceeding on with the case.

It is important that the way the process is being started to determine the way it will end. In the case of the monies and also the children guardianship, the spouse can arrange the clauses in the agreement in such a manner so that the complications are to the minimum. In order to do the same, it is extremely crucial to present the case keeping in mind the interests of the court and also in a good attitude.

The very first task that is being done when the case is being brought to the attorney’s office is that he /she tries to understand the case in detail in a face-to-face discussion with the client. It is necessary to bring along all the important identification documents that are being required for the case which include the marriage and birth certificates of the immediate family members (i.e. the children and the other spouse).

It is not necessary however to bring along documents such as those to show children’s expenses, water, and electricity bills as some clients tend to do so. It is, however, good to bring them along if they have as it helps further to decide on how the expenses would be divided in according to the agreement later on.

At the meeting, inquiries will be made to evaluate the circumstances and the matters that rechallenging. The issues will be heard along and then proceeded on accordingly on how help could be provided to sort out the same.

Before finishing the consultation, it will be discussed on how the objectives pertaining to the case would be accomplished. At that point, it can be chosen whether or not to continue.

Marriage law is an interesting field to some extent since it requests a level of mutual regard and collaboration amongst customer and legal adviser. The benefactor and the lawyer will work carefully from the earliest starting point to analyse the issues related to the occasion. Additionally, there is an approach of steady and cognisant correspondence with patrons. Also, the clients have got to be confident, hence be assured that everything is being told or done is to protect their best interests.
Chung Ting Fai & Co is a boutique law firm based in Singapore dedicated to providing high quality and costs effective legal services to corporations, individuals, and their families.
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