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Launched in July 2020 as a new member of our YETI family, the CM90-BUV SIGNATURE BLACK COAT series is the successor of our long-serving product, the CM90. With new technology and at a more affordable price point, we have been the choice solution for cooling open spaces both residential and commercial.

Our new generation of evaporative coolers utilizes high-speed blades that generate large air volume, along with the introduction of UV disinfection within the water tank. Through both natural and scientific processes, it uses a “direct evaporative” humidification process for maximum cooling effect. Now with the embedded UV lamp, the CM90-BUV disinfects the water within the water tank and cleanses the evaporative media during the water circulation process.

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The energy-efficient solution to cool industrial & commercial spaces

The technology employed in CM90-BUV is a 3 watt UVC-grade UV light commonly used for disinfection of bacteria and viruses, hygiene control, water purification and mould elimination.

In this cooler, the key function of the UV light is to continuously cleanse the water before the evaporation process takes place. The disinfecting properties of the UV lamp also greatly reduce the formation of harmful bacteria and unpleasant odor by preventing mould and algae growth.

Our factory fitted UV lamp works in a similar fashion as a filter. Water from the water-tank flows to a capsule-like device containing the UV lamp before the water is used as an evaporative agent. This installation method provides zero risk of direct UV light contact with human skin or eyes. It also greatly improves microbial air output quality and ensures that you are breathing cleaner air.

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Standard features of our evaporative cooler

Enjoy a worry-free cooling experience with CM90-BUV!

Enhanced humidification process for better cooling
Compact size with optimal cooling effect
Multi-directional inlet cooling evaporative media
3 adjustable wind speeds
Environmentally friendly
Low electrical consumption
Mounted on castors for greater mobility
Remote control enabled
100L Water tank capacity

What is evaporative cooling process and how does the cooler work?

The build-in water pump continuously draws water from the water tank and distributes it to our specially designed cell-type evaporative media. When the fan is turned on, the powerful fan petals will create air pressure difference and it will draw air from behind the cooler and blow out to the front. 

This process draws hot air from the atmosphere into the cooler, passing through the moistened evaporative media and disperse back to the atmosphere. Through this air movement, it will bring the evaporated vapor with it and disperse to the atmosphere. The continuous application of this evaporative cooling will lower the temperature of your room/area over time.

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Where can our evaporative air coolers be used?

Our air coolers can be used to effectively cool the following places: packaging & food processing industries, manufacturing factories, warehouses, hospitals, clinics, schools, waiting rooms, cafes, shopping malls, supermarkets, laundry rooms, offices, homes, commercial kitchens, markets, large entertainment centres, underground parking garages, stations, events, carnivals, farms.
You can also use our CM90-BUV in existing air-conditioned venues if additional cooling is required.

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Some of the places we've installed our evaporative cooler systems across Singapore