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Do you want to give your child the perfect head start in today’s demanding and competitive education system? Do you wish for your child to outperform all his/her peers in education right from the beginning?

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Finding the Perfect Primary School Tutor

Are you looking for the right Primary School tutor for your child? Do you want to give your child the perfect head start in today’s demanding and competitive education system? Do you wish for your child to outperform all his/her peers in education right from the beginning?

For most parents, the answer is an empathetic YES.

Primary school is the first major step in your child’s education. This is where the learning truly begins. Without the proper fundamentals, your child may reach only a fraction of his/her immense potential in the future.

Furthermore, your child is now in the competitive world of PSLE students where only the crème-de-la-crème get into the top secondary schools in Singapore.

Why is Primary School Tutor Important

Primary home tuition sets the correct mindset in place for your child. Tuition forces your child to take some time out from play to actually sit down and study. The two major examinations in primary school are the P4 streaming exercise, where students are divided into the EM1/EM2 or EM3 steam; and the P6 leaving examination (PSLE), which will determine the Secondary school that your child will be posted to. These are the two decisive exams in your child’s primary school education. A tutor is not absolutely necessary, but a tutor almost certainly will help your child to improve his/her grades and class ranking in school.

Almost all of us have been through primary school, secondary school, and then on to JCs or polytechnics. If you’d take a moment to reflect back on your own learning experiences — where all the teachers which taught you at school professional and adequate?

Why is it that, even though our children are attending primary school everyday and being taught by M.O.E. teachers, we still have to assist our children in their homework and in their understanding of the subject?

It may not be easy for young children when they first get uprooted from their friendly kindergartens and step foot into the formal classrooms that comprise our numerous primary schools today. It is a totally new experience for them (as it was to us!). Young kids might need some time to adapt to the environment and their surroundings. Some of them might feel overwhelmed and start wondering about other things instead of paying attention in class. The reality of primary schools is that they are preparing your child for the trials of life ahead. And as such, primary schools pit students against each other in a game called the Primary School Leaving Examinations.

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We seek to give students the best value for quality tutoring services. We understand that costs are a significant consideration in the selection criteria, so we try to keep it affordable.

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What makes us your Right Choice?

  • Good understanding of the Primary School syllabus
  • Patience towards the student
  • Good teaching plan and self-study plan for the student
  • An ability to explains concepts during the lesson (and not simply ask the student to do readings or homework)
  • Able to come up with Primary School learning methodologies so the student is able to understand the concepts.
  • Ability to adjust the speed and content of learning according to the learning aptitude of the student. This is important; some “high performing” tutors can only teach high-ability students.
  • Able to summarize and explain the core of each topic easily and comfortably to the student, this is because the lessons are only 1.5 to 2 hours a week.
  • Not changing the tuition schedule, or cancel lessons, frequently.
  • Communicates with the parents regularly to inform them of the student’s progress. This is crucial as parents are fundamental in assisting the tutor in monitoring the student’s work.
  • From experience, we understand that an average primary tutor probably lacks about half of all the qualities listed above.