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Professional iPhone & Macbook Repair in Singapore since 2009.

iPhonefix (Singapore) is your trusted iPhone Repair Centre in Singapore since 2009. We have been the pioneers of offering free diagnostics and on-the-spot iPhone repair since day one. 

Our iPhone repairs services include replacing your broken screen, cracked glass replacement, issues caused by water damage, battery change, home and power button replacements and repair works to your charging port.

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Call or SMS iPhonefix at +65 8338 6781 from 10am10pm daily for a price quotation or visit our service center at Waterloo Centre, Unit #01-28.

Your Trusted iPhone Repair Centre in Singapore.

iPhonefix offers affordable, on-the-spot iPhone and Mac repair service in the heart of Singapore (Waterloo Center in Bugis) since 1999 and we've been extensively covered by the local media over the years and we have appeared on Mediacorp Channel 8, Simply Her Magazine, Parti Magazine and Tech In Asia amongst other local publications.

Quality Parts go 
a long way.

We believe in using quality parts for your devices and might be a few dollars more expensive than your average run-of-the-mill repair shop, but that's because we care about prolonging the lifespan of your device. 

Believe us when we say that quality parts will save you more money in the long run, and the hassle of repeatedly going back to the service center for the same issues. 

Same Day Repair Service.
Walk-ins Welcome.

iPhonefix is your choice partner for all iPhone repairs in Singapore. Located in Bugis, our service has been the staple repair center for the local community because of our dedication and expertise with Apple devices. 

With repairs as fast as an hour, other providers can try to emulate our name, but never our level of quality and experience. If your screen won't boot up or the touchscreen stops responding, remember to contact us through our Facebook Account, Email, SMS or simply call us for a hassle free quotation over the phone.

Because we care.

To break away from the image of the usual small glass booth repair shops, we have specially designed our repair store, creating a relaxing environment while customers witness our experienced technicians' skilled services as they prepare to restore your device to its optimum state.

Our team is trained to do more than just fixing a particular issue as you asked as we diagnose for potential issues that might arise. We want to restore the device back to the original condition as much as possible. 

We do more because WE CARE!

Are there additional hidden costs?

The price we quote over the phone or Facebook will be based on the issues you've raised and the model number of your iPhone. If upon further diagnosis we discover more issues, these will be raised to you without any additional fees.

Does iPhonefix issue any warranty on repairs?

We offer a 3 months warranty for the exact parts we replaced. This warranty covers product defects excluding subsequent physical damage caused by the customer at a latter date.

Do you use original parts?

We use AAA top quality parts for all our repairs. The functionality and sensitivity of the parts we use works in similar capacity as the originals. and the quality is equivalent to the originals.

What if we can't resolve your mobile issue?

You will not have to pay any fees if we don't resolve your issues. We do not charge any amount to customers if the issue in your device is not repairable. Diagnosis of the device is free-of-charge unless otherwise stated.

Still not convinced?

If you have further queries or need more information, do feel free to call or SMS us at +65 8338 6781 from 10am – 10pm daily or visit our service center in person at Waterloo Center.

Store Operating Hours
Weekdays 11.00am – 9.00pm
Saturdays 1.00pm – 8.00pm
Sundays 1.00pm – 6.00pm

iPhonefix Singapore
261 Waterloo Street
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