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Forward Car Rental

Designed by sme365, Forward is the definitive monthly car rental company in Singapore that offers transparent pricing with no hidden costs and no unfair charges delivered right up to your doorsteps. All you need to know is the price of your rental, the time and date when it will be delivered, and you're good to go!

Our Methodology

We employ a proprietary landing page and web design process designed through 10 years of experience that concentrates on client-focused, iterative, and incremental requirements gathering, efficient development methodologies, and a strong emphasis on usability. See more landing page examples below.

Landing Page Examples We've Designed

Landing pages are the key component of any online marketing campaign when done right, and our main goal is to generate sales or capture leads.  Call it lead capture pages, lead generation pages, squeeze pages, click-through pages, or jump pages, the team behind sme365 has over 10 years of experience building these highly converting pages for startups to MNCs and across industries and organizations of any size in Singapore. Having a well-optimised landing page will help convert prospects visiting your website and help convert them into valuable leads. Here are some landing pages we've designed for Singapore-based companies like yours. 

F&B Renovation Contractors

A&I design concepts provide a one-stop service hub for restauranters who are looking for a direct contact point at a reasonable price.

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Quiz Makers

Get a profoundly awesome, brilliantly crafted audience quiz or survey that your customers are going to absolutely love. 

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IT Recruitment

Specialist IT Consulting and Resourcing firm with 100% focus on Digital Transformation skills across the Asia Pacific market.

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Whatsapp Ordering Platform

ChatCo is a Whatsapp-based ordering platform, allowing customers to order F&B online, make payments and arrange for delivery.

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Zooloo DSM Suite 2.0

The end-to-end digital platform for business owners in the Wholesale Trade to conduct their entire business offline or online.

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Forward Car Rental

Rent a car and pay monthly. You get the freedom to choose your own wheels, and drive how you want, when you want.

View Now is a job portal for the insurance industry in Singapore that helps people looking for a career change in insurance.

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Cooling Monster

Probably the best evaporative cooler in Singapore for homes, F&B establishments, industrial, offices & other commercial spaces.

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Marketing to the Chinese audience in Singapore has never been easier with the right content marketing partner.

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One Financials

Sustain and grow your business with the right financing with Property-Backed Loan package.

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The Freelance Web Designer

Looking for a freelance web designer in Singapore who will design, build and maintain a website of your choice?

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SG Budget Models

Making professional-grade models available at low-cost to small businesses and individuals in Singapore.

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Looking to attract customers online but struggling with time and budget to run digital ads for your business? Let Adriel take care of it.

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Canopy Education

Canopy Education is a premium student care center founded by Michele See BsECH, located at Tiong Bahru.

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KWYM Interior Designs

Trying to spruce up your home but on a budget? Offering custom carpentry and modular furniture systems at direct workshop rates.

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Chung Ting Fai & Co

Boutique law firm based in Singapore committed to offering high quality, cost-effective legal services to its prospective clients. 

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The Physics Lab

Physics Lab is a leading physics tuition centre that provides physics tuition, with the aim of helping students achieve their dreams.

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iPhonefix is your trusted iPhone Repair Centre located at Waterloo Street since 2009 that offers free diagnostics and on-the-spot repairs.

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Otaku Interactive

Otaku Interactive provides simple, cost-effective WeChat & 
Weibo Marketing Solutions to small businesses in Singapore.

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The Education Lab

On a mission to bring you a more effective and interesting study experience, and to empower students in doing well.

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KWYM Interior Designs

KWYM Interior Designs is a HDB and BCA Approved Contractor for Interior Design & Finishing Works based in Singapore. 

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Otaku Interactive

Adding multi-language functionality to your Wordpress website and localise your existing site for the Chinese Market.

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Otaku Interactive

Otaku Interactive specialises in local search engine optimisation and other digital marketing services to the Singapore market.

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What counts as a Landing Page

A landing page is usually a highly focused HTML page, created with a single message, specific call-to-action in mind, and just one core function aimed at those who clicked the ad.  The call to action may be to a form to capture leads or to click through to a particular page where the visitor may buy a product, sign up for your webinar, inquire about your service or simply sign up for your mailing list. 

Landing Page Features

Custom Landing Page Design
Landing Page Optimisation
Local SEO
Sales Copywriting
High Converting Sales Page

Digital Marketing Features

Search Engine Optimisation
Word of Mouth Marketing
Facebook Advertisement
Chatbot Management

Tailored Email Marketing


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Singapore Business Launch

Looking for Video Production Services?

We offer affordable 3d Animated videos and video production services to spice up your landing pages and social media. Our specialties include 3d animated explainer videos, product launch videos, corporate training videos, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions we didn't answer, we'll be delighted to answer them. Simply click on the Live Chat at the bottom-right of your screen to shoot us up.

A Website is a “Virtual Marketing Effort” whereas Landing Page is a “Digital Marketing Tool”. A Website is a way to use the Internet as an effective tool to represent your business and build relationships with your potential customers. A Website can be implemented over a number of marketing channels and strategies. A Website is also confusing to visitors who arrive on your site not knowing what to do next.

A landing page is a digital marketing tool used to convert visitors into a customer. Landing pages are usually single web page, which is something like a one pager and allows for the introduction of your business or product. If designed properly, landing pages are much more powerful and can be a strong enough reason for a customer to make a purchase decision or to provide their information.

Let's first understand the difference between a landing page and a homepage, because sometimes these terms are confused. A landing page is a generic term for a web page that is visible to site visitors who come to the site.

So a landing page is any page that is visible to a site visitor. For instance, if you are a local business and you have a website, then your homepage is a landing page. A landing page is a specific web page built for the purpose of capturing a visitor's attention and encouraging them to perform a specific action.

A well designed landing page help increase your conversion rate exponentially by lowering your cost of acquiring leads by focusing on a single conversion goal with a Call-To-Action (CTA) in mind.

You should use a landing page if you want to acquire more leads or customers for your business. A landing page is a microsite that allows you to collect information from your visitors.

You can use the page to gather email addresses or get details of phone numbers and other contact information. Landed pages are generally very simple, and they're great for testing products and services. Don’t forget to give your visitors a call-to-action, as this is the whole purpose of the landing page.

Landing pages are suitable for every inbound campaign you operate, even more so when you are setting up promotional offers or creating offers for different user segments.

Just getting started? Our landing page design plan starts at SGD $730 and includes everything from design, stock photography, copy writing down to crafting the chatbot and marketing your offer!

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At sme 365, we have a very simple goal: Make you more money. We believe that both website and landing page design is the crucial first step to increasing your sales and conversions. If your landing page or website isn’t converting visitors into leads and ultimately customers, then it doesn’t matter how much traffic you throw at it.

Every landing page created by us is designed to convert your casual web browsers into your next loyal customers and raving fans. We constantly test all our website and landing page designs to ensure that we’re providing you with the most cutting-edge, highest-converting and affordable digital marketing solutions for Singapore SMEs in existence today.

Simply put, we constantly work to give you profitable landing pages many times over.