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Do you want to give your child the perfect head start in today’s demanding and competitive education system? Do you wish for your child to outperform all his/her peers in science education right from the beginning? The Physics Lab is the right choice for physics tuition in Singapore.

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Choosing the right Physics Tuition Agency

Physics is one of the most complicated subjects for students to master. With The Physics Lab, your child will be guided by one of our teachers who have years of experience teaching this subject. We pride ourselves on providing quality education and helping students achieve their dreams.

There is more to physics than just being able to understand the laws of nature. It’s also important that they can do it well and make themselves understood by their students. So, when you are looking for a physics tutor, you want someone who has a great understanding of how these things work and can explain it in clear and accessible ways, so everyone can understand what they’re talking about.

Our physics tutors will teach their students how to be people who think in relationships and behave in ways that make sense to them, not just things that follow the rules of a textbook; and are also great at keeping their students motivated! They will always be supportive of their students' efforts to do well and will always encourage them to be all that they can be.

The Physics Lab is a physics tuition center that offers private and group lessons for students of all ages. Our tutors are knowledgeable and friendly, with the ability to tailor the lessons to your specific needs. If you are looking for Physics Tutor to help your student achieve success in Physics, then look no further.

Our Tutors are MOE-Registered

Many of our teachers have registered with the Ministry of Education. This means that MOE has confirmed that these teachers are professional educators and are also dedicated to ensuring that their students receive nothing but the best education possible. 

We bring you the best physics tuition in Singapore. Students can reach out to our physics experts through our chat, text, or email and get their problems solved instantly.

Many parents have given positive feedback about this process because it helps them know that their children are in good hands when they get classed with one of our educators here at The Physics Lab.

Why we choose to focus on teaching Physics

Physics tuition is important because it helps students learn the fundamentals of physics. There is no definite answer to why physics tuition is so important; like all subjects, it evolves over time as more and more people take up the subject.
As always, there are a lot of factors that determine the importance of physics tuition for the child; For one thing, it will give them the confidence to pursue a career in science or technology.  In retrospect, teaching physics in schools is fairly adequate for what it set out to do: teach kids how to do some science using the most accessible parts of physics (the laws of motion, of mechanics). But at the time, there were no easy answers or analogies for doing science. You had to memorize the laws of motion and use equations to figure out how motions were related mathematically. It turns out, physics tuition is very valuable both because it teaches you how to think in a certain way and because it provides you with something more than just math: an understanding of how things work — an “understanding of things” — which can be applied almost anywhere else.

We have the best way to learn physics. Our tutors who are professionals with years of experience, the latest and the most accurate syllabus, and the interactive learning system will make sure you won't regret choosing us!

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Life Skills learnt from studying physics at The Physics Lab

We teach your child to think in a certain way

The basic ideas are very similar everywhere so getting them right is hard (if not impossible) but with physics tuition you get good enough practice that one day you won’t care as much if they don’t match up exactly…and then it becomes okay to question them on principle (rather than from an intellectual/rational perspective) .

Inculcating Problem Solving Skills

Through studying the laws of motion, you will eventually be able to understand how other things interact with each other through conservation laws or non-linearities or heat exchange or friction…anything! Learning about these interactions can help solve problems in your area of interest as well as outside your area of interest. 

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We seek to give students the best value for quality tutoring services. We understand that costs are a significant consideration in the selection criteria, so we try to keep it affordable.

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What makes us your Right Choice?

  • Good understanding of the physics syllabus
  • Patience towards the student
  • Good teaching plan and self-study plan for the student
  • An ability to explains concepts during the lesson (and not simply ask the student to do readings or homework)
  • Drawing on real life examples and the right learning methodologies so the student is able to understand the fundamental concepts in physics.
  • Ability to adjust the speed and content of learning according to the learning aptitude of the student. This is important; some “high performing” tutors can only teach high-ability students.
  • Able to summarize and explain the core of each topic easily and comfortably to the students.
  • Communicates with the parents regularly to inform them of the student’s progress. This is crucial as parents are fundamental in assisting the tutor in monitoring the student’s work.
  • From experience, we understand that an average tutor probably lacks about half of all the qualities listed above.